Thursday, March 4, 2010

Supersized-Energized with Steven Courtney!

Supersized-Energized Sunshine-Funtime! is the name of one of Steven Courtney's many recordings for children. With a title like that, kids can't resist joining in the fun singing and dancing with Steven Courtney & His Band of Friends!

 The first time I ever heard of Mr. Courtney was a little over a decade. He came to a local church to put on a concert for the children. Friends who had heard of him gave rave reviews, so I took my then preschool children to check it out and have some fun. And fun we had! He has such a exciting way to get kids and parents to participate in the concert and spend some great time together. We've been lucky to see him perform live a few times around the area (he lives in Pennsylvania), and enjoy listening to his CD's and video tapes.

Mr. Courtney's website  states that he has performed "4,500 concerts, recorded 27 full-length albums, received 7 Children's Music Web Awards and the Arpeggio Award for "Outstanding Work with Children" through the Arts, as well as produce three concert-length performance videos and an award winning Children's TV series" over the past 15 years! Not bad, huh? He has provided both secular and Christian concerts for children through school assemblies, family concerts, churches, and more. His music includes several song themes emphasizing positive thoughts and attitudes, compassion and respect for one another, perseverance to go on in an upbeat way, and other character traits.

I was excited today to find sheet music and midi files, and music videos on the website - I'll hopefully have a chance to use them with some of the children I enjoy working with! If you are a kid, parent, grandparent, teacher, or musician - check out his music. It's a real treat to listen to!!


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