Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cedarmont Kids Classics

Continuing the theme of Christians recordings for children, I'd like to tell you about the resources from Cedarmont Kids Classics. The CD that I have in my collection is entitled, Little David Presents Sunday School Songs - 15 Classic Christian Songs for Kids. The recordings contain simple but pretty versions of popular songs with a group of children singing.

The series of  CDs are wonderful for Christian schools, Sunday School time, children's church, vacation Bible school, children choirs, and at home. What I enjoy about it them that the songs are easy for the kids to learn, and they remember and enjoy the songs! There are two sections on the CD. The first section contains the whole recording of voices and accompaniment; the second section uses a split-track recording where you may turn the sound balance to only have accompaniment for your children to sing with. Lyrics are included on the CD cover.

Other categories of recordings include Bible Songs, Action Bible Songs, Songs of Praise, Silly Songs, Hymns, and several others. Video recordings of the songs has also been created. I was pleased to find 3 songbooks with piano and guitar accompaniment on their site along with a new line of products in Spanish.

With the songbooks and recordings, teaching songs to children's choirs is a breeze! Whether they learn by listening, then singing with the accompaniment side only, or singing with live accompaniment that you provide, these lovely songs are ones that all children will enjoy using in worship.

No, I'm not an affiliate of Cedarmont. These reviews are simply meant to assist parents, teachers, and choir directors be aware of the possibilities for the children you love and work with. I am picking ones that I have felt the most beneficial and economical over 20 years of working with youth choir groups and classes. I hope this information is helpful to you.  :)

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